A Lasting Transformation

God is always looking for ways to reveal His love to us. Every time we see it, there is an opportunity to be transformed by it. He revealed the key in scripture that had been on my heart for years. I did not learn it through knowledge or by decoding a mystery. I learned it by experiencing a miracle. The transformation that comes from encountering God’s love is always permanent. His love is not fleeting. It is not temporary. He gives it and does not take it away. He gives and keeps on giving. Every scripture, every miracle, and every divine coincidence is a touch from heaven, reminding us of the love that He has given.

Since God’s love is steadfast and permanent, the enemy attacks us in other ways. He seeks to make our sensitivity to God’s love grow dull. If we want to make the transformation of love last in our lives then we must continually tune our hearts to Papa God’s. To do this we must learn to respond to His every touch, listen to every word, and see every move of his presence. The same principle applies to marriage. If we, as married people, do not protect our love, it will grow stale. We can’t afford to let “I love you,” become nothing more than a casual phrase we say on our way out the door like “See you later,” or “Have a nice day.” We must work to keep our love sharp, to keep it alive so that its meaning does not become dull. How do you keep love fresh in a marriage? You buy each other gifts from time to time, write love notes, try new things together, share kind words, learn about each other’s interests, and go on dates. Keeping our love fresh with God is not all that different.

Here are a few practical ways to help perpetuate the transformation of love that God is releasing in your life. 

Pursue Prophecy. We are meant to eagerly desire the gift of prophecy. Both the receiving and giving of it. They are the kind words of a loving father. A personal declaration of affection and encouragement. 1 Corinthians 14:1 says:

Follow the way of love and eagerly desire gifts of the Spirit, especially prophecy. 

Each prophetic word you receive is not only a word for you, not just a piece of information but a window into how God thinks of you. It is a love note from Him. Furthermore, every prophetic you give is not only a word for that person but a window into how God thinks about His people. Having a constant inflow and outflow of prophetic declaration gives us a regularly refreshed view of His heart. 

Read The Word With Him. The Bible is God’s sovereign word; a divine tapestry illustrating his pursuit of mankind, woven over thousands of years. The best part is that you get enough to read through every piece of that masterwork sitting with the one who inspired it. You get to ask Him questions, get His opinion on specific events, and feel what He felt as those things were happening. It should be obvious, that God was present at every event recorded in the Bible. He was there watching, working, guiding His children, and releasing His love just as He is today. Imagine all the wonderful things He has to tell you about the history of His love. And ask Him questions. The Holy Spirit is with us to introduce answers and new mysteries through His word. It is a divine scavenger hunt for God’s glory.\

Go On Walks With Him. This may seem overly simple and practical, but I find a certain romantic charm in the idea of walking with God in the cool of the day as Adam and Eve did. Jesus has paid the price for our journey back to the Father’s heart. Nothing is holding us back from Him. If we can boldly come to the throne of grace, then surely we can go on a walk with Him. Besides, a walk gives your body just enough to do to keep it from being distracted. Not to mention it’s good exercise. 

Tuning our hearts to God is a daily process. Just like our bodies need food and rest, our spirit needs to be reconnected with our creator. Take time today to connect with Him. Tell Him what you love about His creation. Lay your burdens at His feet. What do you think your day-to-day would look like if you lived every moment connected to His heart?

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