Becoming an Ambassador of Love

Shortly after 9/11, my dear friend Jason was deployed to Iraq with the U.S. military. On one of his missions, he was hit with an IED (bomb) during foot combat and took the brunt of the impact. It destroyed half of his body to the point where he was unrecognizable. Since that day, he’s had multiple surgeries and he’s still blind. His life was radically changed, and a deep hatred grew in his heart for the people who did this to him.

It was at a church service in Colorado when Jason was introduced to the language of love. Since that time, he has allowed God to heal his pain and hatred toward Muslims. Three years ago I met him again at a conference in Atlanta. This time, a few friends from Pakistan, Lebanon and Afghanistan were with me. Jason couldn’t see them, but he knew they were there. With tears streaming down his cheeks, he said, “I want to forgive you.” He explained that Jesus had removed all of his bitterness towards Muslims, and that he even loved them now. Then my Middle Eastern friends apologized for the bombing on behalf of their people.


What is an Ambassador of Love?

I’d like to give you the same miracle key that I gave Jason. This key works when I’m conversing with Jewish and Palestinian friends. It works when Shia and Sunni Muslims are sitting at my table. It’s the key that Jason used to destroy chains of unforgiveness and hatred. The key is love, and it will allow you to walk in extraordinary levels of anointing and favor.

Everyone is called to be an Ambassador of Love. This title is not reserved for a special few. We are all re-presenting Jesus in one way or another every day, whether good or bad. What would it look like in your world—your family, church, business—to love others without any agenda? It would look differently for everyone. But I can tell you one constant: it would confront and compel others to pursue Jesus and desire to walk like Him. Other people will see a difference in you. People who believe differently than you, whether religiously, politically, doctrinally, culturally or otherwise, will genuinely come to honor and respect you. People from different nations will embrace and celebrate you as their own.

So how do you re-present Him in front of Kings? In your area of influence? It’s not a formula. Love starts as a seed, grows into a tree, and blossoms into a forest.


How can you become an Ambassador of Love?

Know who you are

There was a shift in my life 10 years ago when I encountered Jesus while receiving a prophecy about being an Ambassador of Love. I started to see myself that way; as someone who re-presented the language and look of Heaven. Shortly after that, a Muslim Imam in Pakistan who had never heard that language before used it to describe me. Five years ago, I was awarded the title “Ambassador of Love” in front of religious leaders and dignitaries at an Interfaith, Peace & Harmony conference. When it becomes your identity—Assistant to the King of Kings—others recognize who you are as well. I share more about the subject of identity in my book “Called to Reign.”

Prepare your Embassy

Ambassadors often reside in embassies. When you step inside an embassy, you are in that country’s sovereign territory. Similarly, you carry this home with you everywhere you go. Nothing can touch you there. It’s the place you go to meet with Jesus. When Heaven becomes your home, you become completely comfortable and safe in your permanent dwelling place. And you become keenly aware of your inheritance.

Create intimacy with the King

Before I represent the King, I need to understand His protocol, language, and heart. I need to establish an intimate relationship with Him. Sometimes I ask Him what He thinks about a given situation. How do You see this person right now? What direction should I go next? What are we going to do today, Father? When I think this way, I will do what He is blessing, rather than asking Him to bless what I’m doing.

Understand context and use wisdom

Whether I’m going to a foreign country with a different culture or a class full of college students in America, I need to understand the culture and context of the people I’m going to visit. This will help me represent the King in a way that makes sense to them.

Don’t give up

Jesus didn’t promise us an easy life. We will have hardships, but the keys to breaking through are endurance and obedience. Don’t give up! Be willing to obey and endure even if you spot an easier way out. Remind yourself of God’s promises, and that He hasn’t forgotten or ignored them.

Steward what He’s trusted you with

How do you steward honor? This often manifests in the way you speak. Do I talk about how amazing Pakistan is because I love it the way God loves it? Or do I talk about how bad it is?

Perspective can change your level of authority.

It impacts what you do when nobody is watching. If you’re called to another country, are you continuing to build relationships, trust, and love when you’re not there? Stewarding what He’s given you means placing alignment before assignment, family before ministry, obedience before reasoning.

I have never been to a place so dark that love doesn’t work.

It changes the atmosphere. There is enough love in each one of you to change the darkness around you. When you see the potential in people, you don’t see how big the problems are. You see how big God is.

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