I cried to God in my distress and he answered me. He freed me from all my fears! Gaze upon him, join your life with his, and joy will come.  Your faces will glisten with glory.  You’ll never wear that shame-face again. – Psalm 34:4-5 TPT

What do you do when life transition strikes again and you have major decisions to face?

Sure, you’ve been in a familiar place but the crossroads may look different and there are no street signs in sight. Even though each road looks the same now, they will have starkly different destinations once you pass the horizon. How do you receive lenses of clarity so you can have the confidence to pick a direction and have the courage you need to meet whatever lies beyond your vision?


First, you’ll want to look at where you have come from. Look at the memory stones you’ve created with the Father and bask in His presence. Perhaps there were ‘Goliaths’ you had to face. When you look back you may see His goodness and faithfulness; that He was carrying you, even when you didn’t choose Him. Even when the victory didn’t come overnight. These times are what have produced character in you. Looking back will fill you with gratitude!

Papa God has taken the circumstances that would have defined us in a negative way and caused them to be points of victory; places from which we see our destiny and what He has laid before us. Now clarity is coming!


As we travel on this journey through the valley of decision we can become very aware of the fact that we do not have the whole picture – that we don’t know what we don’t know and we do have blind spots. 

The good thing is that we can always ask for help from the community of believers the Lord has placed in our lives for this season who are there to cheer us on, encourage us and to help us to see the blind spots. Sometimes the blind spots can be areas from the past that we need not carry into the future on this new road the Father is so graciously calling us to. 

Here are some powerful questions we can use to check our hearts and minds:

  • Have I allowed the Holy Spirit to burn up all the failures from my past? All the bad things that happened to me?
  • What am I focusing on right now? My present focus needs to realign with God’s view of myself and the world around me. See what he sees, feel what he feels, and say what he says.
  • Is there any fear about my future? Fear is a major factor that removes clarity. Ask God to take it from you, and see what He has to give you in return.

Taking inventory of our hearts with the Father will help us to have the permission, direction and courage to go where we need to go and remove any possible distractions!


From the place of identity, in confidence we can lean into the reality that Father God trusts us to co-labor with Him as His friend and confidant (John 15:15). We can move forward understanding that the Father is wanting to do this with us! 

God has so graciously given us Himself as a faithful companion and leads us by the voice of the Holy Spirit. We have the comforter, counselor and navigator with us at all times–the Spirit of adoption keeping us secure in our sonship throughout this journey of life. 

Knowing that the Father is with us, supporting us, giving understanding releases a grace to do the impossible and to move into uncharted territory. The pressure is off and we can rest knowing that He has us.

Like the sons of Isaachar, we have access to the Father’s vision beyond our seeing and knowing. In the place of sonship, we can receive wisdom to know ‘what time it is’ in our life and what we should be aware of on this path. Coming to alignment with the Father is the place where we rule and reign from in the season of transition. We come in to see what He sees in every area of our lives. We hear His voice and sense His pleasure. 

This is the place of clarity.

Where are you finding His sight today? What courageous things do you sense God leading you to do?

Whatever it is, remember that He is for you!

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