Love Has Won

“And I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed; he shall bruise you on the head, and you shall bruise him on the heel.” Genesis 3:15 NASB

The Father promised us that love would win. What a sobering thought.

His method was offspring. A seed. A seed? Yes. A seed because from a seed comes a family. This is so significant. From the beginning of time, the center of the Kingdom has been family (the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit). 

Perhaps, with all that is going on in the world and our individual lives, we lose sight of the significance of what Jesus accomplished on the Cross and what He wants to continue through us. Follow me for a moment. 

A seed has within it the ability to reproduce after its kind. Jesus came to the Earth, lived a holy, joy-filled life in communion with the Father, and died a criminal’s death. He was resurrected from the dead and seated at the right hand of the Father. Before Jesus left the earth, he made a promise to us. We were to receive “another” who was better. The question is not what is this “other” but WHO? The other that came was not only the Comforter but the very Spirit of Christ.

Jesus was planted as a seed from the perfect family of love into the Earth and one of the reasons was so that we could be born again in His likeness. This is formed within us through the precious Holy Spirit, which Jesus said could not come if He didn’t leave. (John 16:7) Jesus’ expression as the seed of love gave us the opportunity to die and to be raised to new life so that we could experience unbroken communion with the holy Trinity. Not only that, Jesus’ blood cleanses our conscience from the guilt of the law and establishes us as righteous in God’s eyes. This is what the SEED, the Lamb of God, has done. 

Now, we have been born again as children of light with the seed of love within us. Abba has given us, His beloved, Jesus within us. Forever. He has triumphed over sin, as He said, nothing would ever separate us from His love. (Romans 8:31-39)

What does one become with the seed of love germinating in their hearts? Love.

And love MUST express itself.

Love is alive in you today. He’s expressing Himself as He conforms you into the image of love and this love must flow from within you as you fellowship with Jesus.

Who has Love opened your eyes to? Where is He wanting to express Himself through you? Love has already won and everyday He wins in you and through you.You can read more about the “Seeds of Love” and other transforming stories in my book, “The Love Awakening.” The Father has prepared a tsunami of love that will overcome the earth and all the nations will experience Him. He loves this world and we will see a mass repentance take place. His love must be expressed; we will see a love awakening. 

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