The Return of the King

Do you remember why you are doing what you are doing? Let me ask you, do you have a clear end goal in mind from where you stand today? When I think of Jesus, I am humbled and grateful that He always had the end in mind. There are two instances in the scriptures that fill me with joy and gratitude. One is when Jesus endured the cross, despising the shame, for the joy set before Him. He envisioned being united with us, freeing us from the curse of sin and death, and that kept Him going. The other instance is when we are told that the Lamb, Jesus, was slain before the foundation of the world. This means that the Father had the end in mind from the beginning. I am grateful that His vision is much greater than ours, and that He allowed us to experience the fullness of His love.

In a conversation with his disciples, Jesus gave an important response that is often overlooked. I want to emphasize its significance because it forms the foundation of my biblical worldview and the reason I am writing this blog today. In Matthew 24:3, the disciples asked Jesus when certain events would occur and what sign would indicate his return and the end of the age. They used the word “sign” in the singular form, but in Matthew 24, Jesus lists several events that will occur leading to his second coming. 

In Matthew 24:14, it states that the “gospel of the kingdom” will be shared around the world as a witness to all nations before the end comes. The end refers to the coming of Jesus in power and glory, which is exciting. By reading further into this chapter, we can see a beautiful unfolding of events. The term “nations” in this passage refers to various people groups, as the Greek word used is “ethnos”. For instance, Pakistan has 463 people groups that speak different dialects and accents. The gospel of the Kingdom will not only cross regional, religious, and racial boundaries, but it will also take root in every nomadic tribe, village, and every nuance of humankind. This is truly remarkable!

Jesus will soon enter His Kingdom and you are an important part of His grand plan. As a redeemed member of the Church and a messenger of this Kingdom, you have a role to play. I urge you to choose to live each day in the reality of Jesus’ Kingdom and His glorious return. In this Kingdom, perfect love will reign and all fear will be eliminated. Let’s make this choice together and prepare for the coming of our King. 

While we wait for the second coming of Jesus, there are many people who have not yet heard of His first coming. They must know. Jesus wants them to know.

Ask the Father today, “What can I do to play my part?” and practice simple obedience. That’s all it takes. Together we will usher in the reign of Jesus by making sure that Earth looks a little more like heaven and that every nation will hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

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