The True You

Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb you were a thought in the heart of Papa God, according to Jeremiah 1:4. 

Think about that for a second. Papa God knew you. 

This begs the question, who were you before you were in your mother’s womb? 

It is important for us to come back to our original intention that the Father created us with. Therein, we find the glory we were created for; there we can move towards our destiny. Like the eagle’s home is in the sky, you were created to live within the ocean of God’s love. Living in the fullness of who God created us to be is the place where we become fully alive in Jesus. 

Who are you? 

This question is more important than “What do you do?” I’m not talking about your title, but your identity. If you cannot answer this question, I believe that today you have a sweet invitation from the Father to discover who you were in Him before time began.

The truth is, you were made in God’s image. While there are things about you that may be true, they are not THE TRUTH. What God says and thinks about you is the whole truth.

You were created to reflect an aspect of the beauty and the glory of God uniquely that those around you are able to experience the goodness, the kindness and the glory of who God is, through you, His beloved. 

One of my favorite quotes is this, “I dare say we have heard a bit about original sin, but not nearly enough about original glory, which comes before sin and is deeper to our nature. We were crowned with glory and honor.” 

John Eldredge

How has the Father crowned you?

I want to challenge you to answer this important question today — Who does Papa God say that you are? Make a list of ten things that you hear Papa God saying and declare them over yourself for the next 30 days.


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