Compelled By Love

We cannot love others beyond the capacity we have allowed God to love us. You can try if you like, but it isn’t going to work. You may be able to love pretty well, but you will not be able to love supernaturally. You can’t love like Papa God does if you haven’t encountered His love supernaturally. 

If we have not received the Father’s love, we cannot release it. So if we are going to love a hate-filled world, heal the wounded masses, touch the lepers, cherish the widows, protect the orphans, and give life to the dying, we will need to be filled with the love of God ourselves. (Matthew 10: 8) 

I’m not sure if you have noticed what this means. If you are going to love your neighbor as yourself, you are going to have to love yourself. You will have to learn to see you like the Father sees you! 

Think about how this works. If you do not love yourself like Papa God loves you, why would your neighbor want to be loved in the same insufficient way? In fact, you cannot love others with supernatural love if you have this root issue of rejection or self-hatred. Again, you cannot give away what you do not have. Many Christians still need to deal with a root of self-negligence or self-rejection—unhealed wounds that affect every area of life. If you’re walking around with open wounds, the love God pours into you leaks out, and you can never get filled up. Letting yourself be loved by the Father is the only way you can let your love go out to others.

I know this because I would not have the love I have had for people if I had not received it myself. I’ve also never doubted since my baptism of love in 2000 that I am always surrounded by and filled with the love of the Father. So when I stand in a peace conference in one of these regions that the Gospel has never reached, I can give a talk as a son and release the love of Heaven. I know it’s in me, and I know it comes out. The entire atmosphere can be transformed. I have never witnessed the transforming effects of love like I have in some of the darkest places of this world. This is how we follow Jesus when He tells us to love others the way He has loved us! 

Let love be what drives you! 

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