Blueprint for Kingdom Destiny Masterclass

Fulfill all that God has called you to do

Discover your purpose and assignment on Earth so that you can live full and die empty.

What God has called you to do?


What God has called you to do?

Destiny is what God called you to do! We ventured through who you are in the previous Identity course, now is the time to living out your identity by stepping into your destiny.

Together we will go on a 12-week journey as we dive into 4 fundamental questions such as:

  • How do I identify my Bethlehem?
  • How do I navigate through the wilderness?
  • Where do I find my influence?
  • What does my Zion look like?

What do I get from
this course?

Do yo want the tools to unlock your Kingdom Destiny?

Do you want to discover your Zion?

Do you want the tools to get over your giants?

Then this course is for YOU!


As a participant, you will have access to:

  • 12+ Chapters of video content
  • 12+ Activation activities
  • Weekly breakout sessions with Alumni and your cohorts
  • 5 Special Q&A sessions with Leif Hetland and Paul Yadao

Blueprint for Kingdom Destiny Masterclass

Your Instructor: Leif Hetland

Leif Hetland is the Founder and President of Global Mission Awareness, a forerunner in modern-day missions, and an Ambassador of Love to the nations. He has authored more than 15 books and is a sought-after speaker. Leif is inviting you on a journey to discover who God has created you to be.

A Note from Your Instructor:

I was inspired and touched by the testimonies that came in from The Blueprint for Identity Masterclass. It is amazing to see people begin to step into the fullness of their identity in Christ, and now it is time for the continuation of that journey into our new Destiny course. The Blueprint for Kingdom Destiny is a 12 week journey beginning in September 2022. This course will give you the tools to steward the waiting season between your prophecy and your destiny!

I have spent decades fathering, mentoring, and coaching leaders around the world helping them in their pursuit of their God given destiny. Now, I am bringing this same coaching to you in this upcoming Blueprint for Kingdom Destiny Masterclass. This journey will help the believer identify the blueprint for their destiny and provide a roadmap in navigating through life’s obstacles.

God has given us different gifts, but many of us do not know how to use those gifts or maximize them. This course will give you the tools to identify and maximize the gifts that God has uniquely given you to lead you to your destiny. We will be following the life of King David. From his time as a shepherd in Bethlehem, to the fulfillment of his destiny as King in Zion, we will be journeying together to identify the different seasons in David’s life to apply to our own that will lead us into our Zion destinies.

In this Masterclass, my coaches and I will be leading you into fulfilling all that God has called you to do. We will help you discover your purpose and assignment on Earth so that you can live full and die empty.

Join us today and be a part of a movement of believers who are living in the fullness of their God called destinies.

Much love,

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