Ep. 167 – It’s Harvest Time! A Word for 2024.

I have centered this podcast around the vision for this year, emphasizing that in 2024, it’s harvest time. As you open your eyes and observe the fields, you’ll notice that the world is ripe for the taking. When Jesus looks at the harvest, He’s prepared but seeks someone to pray, have a vision, and recognize the harvester.

In this podcast, I invite you to reflect on the sunset of 2023, extract its lessons, and step into the opportunities of 2024. Let’s arise and shine as Ambassadors of Love, representing King Jesus well. This marks the beginning of the best phase in your life. People around you are eager to encounter a God that looks just like Jesus, and they waiting for you to connect with Him, so you can mirror His ways in every situation. Tune in to gather tools for becoming a mature Love Ambassador for Jesus Christ.

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