Ep. 170 – That We May Be One

One of the scripture verses in the Bible that has had an incredibly profound meaning to me is John 17:21-26; but especially verse 26. I studied this one verse for 7 years, and it was my focus point. When Jesus said, “Father, Father, I have declared Your Name among them, and I will declare it. That the very love, Father, that You have towards Me, that love is going to be in them, and I in them.” When I first read that, I knew that I had not experienced the fullness of the love that Jesus had with the Father, and I sensed He was praying for me.

So, I started for 7 years to drill into this because I know that’s the only way that the world is going to see Jesus through me. Because who Jesus is to me is who He will be through me, and that is going to happen in one way– that I receive the same love that He had with the Father. That is the only way I am going to love the world the way He loved the world. After 7 years of drilling into that, I want to share some of the gold nuggets that have come out of this journey. it is so precious to me, and it will be precious to you. And when you start to taste it, you will start to see how good He is.

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