Ep. 175 – The Unfinished Task pt. 1

As part of this series on fulfilling the great commission and doing it with a great commandment heart, the big question is, “What is the one thing that has stopped us from fulfilling what is His last command that should be our first priority?” And that is to take the Gospel to every nation and to be able to see a community among every ethnic group in the world so that Jesus can come back. I have said it many times, it is a heart issue. I believe the biggest reason is that we have been distracted and the enemy has distracted us from making the main thing the main thing. Part of where our treasure is also where our heart is and we can see an indicator.

So the reason there is a lot of darkness is because of a lack of light. And we spend only fifty cents out of every hundred dollars that is given to missions to invest light into the darkest places in the world, including the Middle East. What would it look like if the unfinished task became a higher priority so Jesus is glorified? Only then will we be able to see the very thing that is the heart of the Father— that every single person will experience how good God is and how loved they are because they will have an encounter with a god that looks like Jesus.

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