Kingdom Alignment

In order to explore ‘kingdom alignment’, I will build on my 3 Chairs illustration. If you’re unfamiliar with my 3 chairs message, you’ll want to read my previous blog here in which I discussed a worldview of humanity using this illustration!

When we discuss bringing the kingdom of heaven to earth in Chair 1, we are not learning how to take mountains and get dominion. That may be a byproduct, but we really should be known as people whose only agenda is to bless with the blessings of heaven. When we go in as sons and daughters, we are entrusted with inheritance. We learn the rhythm of love, power, and wisdom– the lamb, the lion, and the eagle. The kingdom alignment that comes with that sets us up for the kingdom assignment we have been given.

What does heaven on earth look like in the seven spheres of society? If you’re a schoolteacher, it means you can wake up in the morning thanking God for Mondays because you’re going into a classroom setting where you can represent the Father. You carry heaven’s environment into that place.

Instead of seeing an ADHD problem in a student, you may see a destiny of creativity. Instead of seeing students who are bored, you see students who are primed to discover the thing that captures their heart. Instead of focusing on a child’s restless or rebellious tendencies, you see an opportunity to bring shalom. You don’t treat them based on their history but on their destiny.

If you’re a nurse, you wake up realizing you have a unique opportunity to minister to people at difficult times in their lives. If you’re an accountant, you can see the opportunity to demonstrate heaven’s integrity as you handle earth’s resources. One of my spiritual sons in our family realized he was a Chair I police officer. He goes into the secret place as a son and gets insights from the Father, then helps make connections between where drugs are coming from and going, how the enemy is strategizing in certain cities, and prevents many bad things from happening. People are amazed. We have story after story of this kind of thing happening with businessmen, neuroscientists, teachers, government workers, and more. They are lambs, lions, and eagles in every area of society.

Sons and daughters in the Kingdom family become agents of the Father’s blessings from Chair 1, which always asks, “How can I be a blessing?” When we carry the Kingdom culture of heaven within us, it impacts the culture around us. With the fellowship of the Trinity as our prototype we can help bring heaven to earth in every circumstance. It’s all about living as a son or daughter of glory, always with a servant’s towel over your arm. From this place of influence with God you will change the atmosphere in your spheres of influence. A spirit of sonship and servanthood raises your stock and gives you a platform to represent God’s heart while raising the stock of everyone in the family.

The enemy is constantly trying to keep believers in Chair 2 because he knows that in Chair 1 we can see the Father’s face, hear His voice, feel His love, experience His presence, and live in His pleasure. From this place, we carry these blessings into the world and draw people back to the Father. Are you experiencing kingdom alignment? How can you engage with the Father everyday to maintain this posture? 

Papa God is waiting in the secret place to source you with all that you need to walk into your kingdom assignment, but first, He wants you. 

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