Leaving A Legacy

Your life has the ability to impact generations. This will be your legacy. What you do in Christ will last into eternity! The Father is calling us to look beyond our now, into the future and to see what He sees. To want what He wants. To dream with Him. 

To be a follower of Christ requires us to be about our Father’s business. The desire of the Father is that the glory of the Lord will fill the nations unto many sons and daughters returning home. He wants His children back!

The legacy that we build as children of our beloved Father is not our own kingdom but the Kingdom of God. We are all called to father the next generation to see the presence of God cover the earth; for His presence to touch cities, neighborhoods and nations. The nations of the Earth are the inheritance of the Lamb. 

You may be familiar with the story of David. King David had a dream in His heart to build a house for God! His passion was for the presence of God to have a dwelling place. 

However, he was not able to build the house. Solomon, his son, became the wisest king of his day. It was Solomon who was charged with building the house of God. David dreamed and Solomon saw the vision. David’s desire was to dwell in Zion but it couldn’t happen without the unity of generations. 

David did not receive this dream without any specific cause or reason! David was entrusted with this dream because he was faithful. If you trace his story from Bethlehem through the marking seasons of David’s life, you will see that his faithfulness started as a shepherd boy, looking after his father’s sheep. He was a good shepherd protecting his flock from the lion and the bear. He cared for them. This is the place he practiced the presence of God, learning to minister to the Lord with the harp. His life became a landing pad for prophetic psalms that we still sing today. 

If you read the book of Proverbs you will note that Solomon constantly mentions his father’s instructions. This tells us that David shared and imparted his history with God. This takes intentionality. This takes remembrance.

King David was shaped by God in different seasons that made him who he was. His family line carried the Messiah and now we get to have the presence of God, not only in a building, but within us. We are now the temples of God. 

Like David, we’ll have our giants to slay, our Sauls to outrun and our mighty men to mentor. What you do in those seasons matter to God. 

Let’s be a people who passionately pursue the presence of God and learn to walk in the ways of Jesus so that generations can experience His goodness. Let’s be a people living for eternity. 


Join us, in the Blueprint for Kingdom Identity and the Blueprint for Kingdom Destiny to journey into who you are and how you are meant to carry the legacy of God. 

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