Blueprint for Kingdom Destiny Preview!

January 13, 2023

The Father has released a holy invitation to his sons and daughters. Can you hear it? He wants to entrust His heart to people that He can trust. Can He trust you? We learn from the life of David that how we show up to our circumstances can shape us for the places and spaces that God has destined for us to reign in. We are excited to share this preview of the Blueprint for Kingdom Destiny. We all face giants and in this season God is raising up giant killers. In this session Leif introduces us to the steps of facing our giants. David was able to face the giant named Goliath because he was a faithful shepherd. He wasn’t faithful so that he could kill the giant. He was faithful in honor and service and it trained him to be a warrior for Israel. 

We hope you enjoy the preview. To join us for the masterclass or to find out more information, visit


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