Lighthouses in Cuba!

July 11, 2023

Most great things come in seed form. I remember the first time I was sharing this dream for Lighthouses of Love with our GMA directors in Cuba. As a result of this conversation seeds were planted in their hearts and the fruit has exploded in that land. As of right now, they have already established over 100 Lighthouses of Love in Cuba! There are Lighthouses within homes, schools, hospitals, and even government buildings. These Lighthouses are an extension of the church in every place – an embassy of Love outside the walls of the church building to re-present to neighbors, co-workers, and friends the goodness and kindness of Papa God. The testimonies that are coming from these Lighthouses have been glorious, as hundreds have come to Christ and mighty miracles are taking place. 

What started as a dream has turned into a movement that is quickly sweeping through Cuba. I believe that what God is doing in this land is a prototype of what is soon to take place in many nations around the world. I pray your hearts are encouraged as you listen to their story and the testimonies of what God is continuing to do right now in Cuba.


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