Q & A Session: Paul Yadao, Leif & Jennifer Hetland, Heidi Baker

October 21, 2022

We have the honor of sharing this very special podcast with you. It’s from our question and answer session at the Unite 2022 Love Awakening Conference Castlerock, CO. We get to listen as Leif and Jennifer Hetland, Heidi Baker and Paul Yadao share from the depths of their hearts. You may need tissues as these mothers and fathers share vulnerably from their ministry and life experiences. 

Life can bring the toughest of situations. 

God’s people are those that go through and are shaped by their trials and tribulations. He works them for our good, because He is good. 

Sometimes when we see the generals of the faith or some of our favorite pastors on the platform we may not realize that they are preaching messages that were birthed in the fire. The wisdom they have received has come at a cost but they have been given an avenue to share what they have been entrusted to the steward, with the rest of the body. At the end of the day, they are simply beloved sons and daughters. 

We pray that your heart is impacted by the vulnerability of our beloved kingdom family.


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