Renewing Your Spiritual Passion!

November 10, 2022

The Father is asking a question in this hour.

Do you love Me? 

This question is not because He lacks the answer. He wants you to allow Him to search your heart to know what’s in there. He wants you to come to Him. It takes God to love God. It is not by our own zeal or power but by His spirit and grace. 

You may be familiar with the story of Peter. He is our zealous, passionate brother. The one who wants to physically protect Jesus but when presented with real danger, he flees and finds himself in a place where he doesn’t belong. There is a bit of Peter in all of us if we are willing to admit it.

In the middle of our seasons, the enemy will build a fire for you to warm yourself by, but there is good news! There is another fire waiting for us. In John 21:9, Jesus built a fire and cooked fish and bread for the disciples who were weary from fishing all day. It’s the fire of God’s presence that we need to be warmed by.

The Father’s heart for us is that we would be filled up and fueled by His love. Just like the Father sent Jesus to Peter after the resurrection, Jesus presents himself to us today in the middle of our varying situations. He’s asking us to come and have a meal with Him. The good Shepherd wants to restore our souls.

Maybe you are in a place of life where it feels there is no longer oil. God wants to give you the oil of His presence. He presents Himself to you in the midst of shame, guilt, weariness and heartache. Even in our joy and fullness, He wants us to overflow. There is more than enough for us. 

What will you do with this invitation to renew your spiritual passion today? 

We hope that you enjoy this episode of Kingdom Family Talks and that you find your spiritual passion renewed.


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