The Cry of Ishmael!

March 10, 2023

There is a cry for the Father that has risen from the Middle East for thousands of years.

It is the cry of Ishmael.

In modern Christianity the promised son of Abraham – Isaac – is a celebrated person. We love Abraham’s story of faith and the promises he received through the blessing of God. We have sermons that encourage us to have the faith Abraham has had. However, when it comes to his other son, Ishmael, I see he is not commonly held in high regard.

He has been the disregarded son. Papa God has given me a burden to pay attention to the cry of Ishmael as he had heard in the wilderness and provided water for him to drink. In the book of Genesis we can familiarize ourselves with the blessing of Ishmael. Abraham and Sarah’s attitude toward Ishmael and Hagar did not convey God’s heart for the nations that were born from Ishmael. Ishmael means “God hears”.

The many Muslims around the world are the descendants of Ishmael and their number is 1.8 billion. That is 1.8 BILLION sons and daughters who do not know Jesus and have not seen the Father’s face in the Son. The harvest is ripe and the Father’s desire is that the Gentiles will be saved! Ishmael is not left out of this. Do you hear the cry? Can you feel the Father’s heart as He said that every tribe, tongue and nation would worship the Lamb around the throne? Ishmael must not be absent. I pray that as you listen to this podcast that your heart will become tender and that you will be provoked to do your part in ensuring that Ishmael would know a God who looks like Jesus.

Watch the YouTube video by clicking here.


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