Soaking in His Presence

A genuine Christian life is an impossible prospect without prayer. It is like getting married without ever connecting with your partner. Intimacy is only established through deep union and communication between individuals. It is the same way in our relationship with God, there’s no other way to know Him deeply apart from being with Him.

In the Bible and throughout history, we see countless men and women come into deep intimacy and the knowledge of God in their face-to-face encounters with Him. From that place they came out empowered and transformed. They became the very agents of change to the world around them!

Jesus taught us how to pray, “Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” God wants us to partner with Him in accomplishing His Will on this earth. Prayer is the starting point. However, it’s important to know that there is much more to prayer than petition and asking for our needs to be met. At the core, prayer with Him and coming out from that place bringing and releasing His supernatural world to the world around us.

Soaking prayer is not a new discovery as much as it is a recovery of a spiritual path to a lifestyle of intimacy with God paved by countless heroes of faith. This type of prayer is known in the past as waiting upon the Lord, being still, tarrying in His presence, meditative and contemplative prayer. There’s more to soaking prayer than just being silent before God. As we soak deeper, we experience the depths of His glory–His love, His goodness, and His power. This brings us to a deep knowledge and intimacy with God. In that place, we are transformed into His likeness, and transformed lives have the power to transform other lives.

Intimacy is a key to greater spiritual authority and power. We need to grow in intimacy to be able to demonstrate God’s Will on earth “as it is in heaven” effectively. We need to do this as individuals, create a culture that will host His presence corporately.

Soaking in God’s presence is a key part of our courses Blueprint for Kingdom Identity and Blueprint for Kingdom Destiny. It is in His presence that we know Him and He reveals the paths which we should take. 

In this season, let us focus on soaking in His presence. Find a restful place, turn off your phone, spend time in nature or maybe connect with some music that helps you silence the noise!


Written by: Paul Yadao

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