Created for Delight

Let’s go back to the beginning.

What would it look like to live in the delight of the Father’s gaze 24 hours, 7 days a week?

Does anyone do that? Is it even possible?

From the beginning, you were created to live from the life source of perfect love. Did you know that your home was intended to be in the heart of God; in the pleasure of being with the family of love: the Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit?

That’s our original story. We were created for delight. You were created for delight.

One day, a voice that rejected love, the orphan spirit, gained influence in the Garden, shifting humanity’s connection and perspective of the God of the universe. Shame and fear affected the psyche of mankind for the first time. There was a rift in our home.

The best news is that nothing and no one could separate us from the love of Papa God as He has brought us close to Himself through His beloved Son. While Jesus walked the Earth, He was mending the image of God. Jesus showed the world what Papa looks like. He showed us that we were made for unbroken communion.

Has your heart been steeped in fear? Have you been affected by shame? Has life felt purposeless?

Let us return back to the beginning where shame couldn’t keep us from intimacy and we could experience the transformational love of the Father. This is the place where we see in full color and love is the only way. It’s the place where we go to rest with our Father and we wake up to love. 

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