Ep. 164 – The Kingdom is Advancing!

In this week’s podcast, Leif Hetland discusses our Lighthouses of Love movement in Cuba and a special building project we need your help with! A Lighthouse of Love is a beacon of light that shines in the darkest of places. Lighthouses are similar to church plants and can also include organizations and businesses.

It is a movement that aims to raise up ambassadors of love who are equipped and released to disciple, bless, transform, and influence their spheres with the Gospel of the Kingdom and its values. In January, we started with 62 Ligthouses of Love. Today, we have 187 Lighthouses!

Additionally, Yasser and Aki just purchased their first ministry vehicle, a large van, which will be used to serve the community! What an amazing upgrade — they started their ministry with a small scooter! We have an opportunity to help our Cuban directors Yasser and Aki expand their current church building.

A property connected to their church is available for purchase. Currently, they have to open the doors to the church so that people in the streets can attend and hear the worship and preaching. They are over capacity, and expanding their church building is necessary for effective discipleship.

You can partner with our work in Cuba by donating below. Invest in Love, the one thing that changes everything.

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