Honoring the Fire

What started as a chapel service on a seemingly typical Sunday at Asbury University has taken a turn as what appears to be a sovereign move of God. Thousands of people are traveling from near and far to experience the tangible presence of God and witness an outpouring of love on Gen Z. Some characteristics reported of what’s happening is mass repentance and a manifest presence of God. The gatherings are multigenerational in nature and people are being refreshed. The gatherings have been going on for days now and there seems to be no end in sight. 

For years believers everywhere have prayed and prophesied that another Jesus Movement is coming and that there will be a billion soul harvest as the coming of Jesus draws near. Could this move of God be what we have been waiting and praying for? Reports are being shared from all over the world. It is very evident that God is present in a very special way. The Spirit of God is showing up in unusual ways in churches and college campuses. Hunger is growing as revival fire is spreading.

This week in our masterclass, a student asked a very important question. We give the students an opportunity to submit questions beforehand while my spiritual son Paul Yadao and I answer. 

The student asked, “Can you please talk about the Asbury Revival and how we can support or bring it to where we are?”

Paul shared about his own revival experience in the Philippines when he was a young adult in college. He recalls that the movement started similarly to what’s currently taking place in Asbury. They were a bunch of unassuming college students on a campus who were rebellious in nature. They began crying out for revival and reading books on revival until God broke through and transformed the hearts of the students. They were no longer radical, rebellious, or anti-government. The students became tender and God-fearing. They would have passionate prayer meetings daily from 5:30 AM until 7 AM.  It lasted for 7 years. When the Father sovereignly steps in like this “…God is preparing the Bride,” exhorted Paul. “A dying church cannot win a dying world. Revival must happen to the church first as God is giving us right alignment and shifting our priorities.”

What’s happening in Asbury is connected with what’s happening in the lives of youth and young adults all around the world. We see a generation that is creative yet distracted, anxious and fearful of their futures. 

In moves like this when the Spirit of God is poured out, God will usually bring a culture that is contrary to societal norms. Intensity will replace apathy and where there’s a lack of hunger, God will pour out His Spirit on youth.

If you have a chance to be exposed to this type of environment, please go. To steward and engage with what the Lord is doing requires humility and sacrifice. You can honor what God is doing and ask Him at the same time to come and be very present where you are. The Father longs to pour out His Spirit upon all flesh. Gather with people and pray. I want to urge you to honor the fire. In the Kingdom, we receive freely from what we honor.

We are continuing to pray for the tsunami wave of God’s love to wash over all nations and people groups. Let us receive His love, become love and release love until everyone hears the beautiful name of Jesus. He will have a radiant and spotless bride that has been ravished by His love. The love awakening is upon us! 

My book “The Love Awakening” will equip you to release the supernatural love of Papa God and walk in the baptism of love!

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