History That Leads to Destiny!

October 5, 2022

In this follow up Leif shares some of the additional keys he received from his trip to Rwanda. 

We must learn what time we are in and learn from history. We cannot afford to forget the lessons that history has taught us. Leif connects different world events encouraging us to lean into the heart of the Father and to find our places amidst the season we are in. 

Let us not become distracted from what is taking place on the global scene and become passive. There is a bigger picture as Papa God intends for the knowledge of His glory to flood the Earth. The eternal perspective needs to become internal so that we do not live from a temporary frame of mind.

If we can lay hold of what the Lord is doing on the earth, then we can respond from heaven’s perspective, in wisdom and love and see the Kingdom of Heaven fully invade the earth. 

Papa God is calling us to wake up for such a time as this. Where are those who are called to stand before kings and represent King Jesus? We need Esthers, Josephs and Daniels to rise up and take their place. 

Listen and be challenged to receive, become and release love. 



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