Navigating Storms: The War on Trust!

July 27, 2022

Have you ever noticed, that there is a war against rest?

Sometimes it seems like storms of this life take us by surprise, but Papa God is never overwhelmed by them. 

There’s a place where you cannot see Jesus in the middle of the chaos but take courage. God sent the Holy Spirit to remind us that amidst the raging storm, Jesus is seated in the place of authority next to the Father. We too are seated next to the father. 

Not only can we rest in the trials of life but we CAN trust Him, for He is the most trustworthy person.

Leif encourages us not to allow ourselves to be talked out of faith but to press in and receive perseverance to be given the type of faith that causes us to row against the storm! 

We pray that you will be encouraged and strengthened as you listen!


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