Revival in Pakistan!

December 27, 2022

Pakistan is home to many sons and daughters of Abraham who have not yet journeyed home, but the Father is longing for them! Many years ago, Leif, president of Global Mission Awareness was invited by the Father to see through heaven’s eyes with a lens of love for the outcast and the broken. As a family of families, Global Mission Awareness has been able to be involved in different activities in Pakistan from theological seminaries to Jesus parties at Christmas time to providing relief to our brothers and sisters in Pakistan during historic floods. Our kingdom family is on the ground turning the light on in this nation that is so loved by the Father. We hope your heart is stirred and that you enjoy this brief update on what the Lord is doing in Pakistan!

If you are touched by this we invite you to join us at Global Mission Awareness during our end-of-year giving campaign during the holiday season. Click here to give a donation that helps us provide ongoing relief to the Kingdom family in Pakistan, Cuba, Afghanistan, and Mozambique.


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