Navigating Storms: The War on Trust!

Have you ever noticed, that there is a war against rest? Sometimes it seems like storms of this life take us by surprise, but Papa...
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Navigating Storms featuring Leif Hetland!

If you’ve been on this earth a while, you have probably realized that storms are a part of this life. These storms can even arise...
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Ambassadors of Love with Leif Hetland!

Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost. However, the journey of a believer just begins there. You were created for more.  Leif...
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Kingdom Business Featuring Leanne Goff!

Leanne Goff shares how experiencing the baptism of love was the turning point in her life. After years of ministry, Papa God led Leanne into...
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True Authority by Leif Hetland!

Do you remember the story of Moses? He was given a rod as a symbol of authority and also as a tool from the God...
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Liberated by Love featuring Cody Greathouse!

When the power of God’s love touches our lives we can never be the same. Our new friend Cody Greathouse shares how the kindness of...
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Immersed in Love!

What would your life look like if you lived totally immersed in the love of God? Once God’s love moves in, everything that’s not like...
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New Podcast! The Love Awakening!

What if you saw every challenge in your life as a promise, not a problem? Tune in as Leif Hetland shares wisdom from his new...
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