Fathering Generations feat. Randy Clark

In this episode, join Dr. Randy Clark in a passionate conversation discussing empowering and stewarding spiritual children.  Being entrusted with influence also requires increased responsibility....
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Honor Hunger & Humility feat. Randy Clark

A renown teacher, with a tender heart, Dr. Randy Clark is a father full of wisdom and carries great humility. He exemplifies that “The fear...
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Modern Day Wisdom Feat. Marilyn Hickey

With so many voices chiming in on the current state of the world, sometimes it’s difficult to be sober-minded. In a wisdom-filled talk Marilyn Hickey...
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Innovation and the Great Commission Featuring David Palusky!

We are alive during the second greatest time in history! Two thousand years ago, Jesus gave us a mission to go into every place in...
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Are you Called to be an Ambassador of Love? Featuring Leif Hetland!

There’s been a shaking across the Earth and in the midst of it, a cleansing. The Father is calling to His sons and daughters: “Who...
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Revival in Pakistan Featuring Dr. Marqus Fida!

“We experience many challenges, persecution and threats, but we still have the joy of the Holy Ghost. The light and power of Jesus is spreading...
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The Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit featuring Papa Charles Carrin!

As sons and daughters in the Kingdom, our thriving is directly connected to our ability to lean and depend on God. When we fix our...
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Finishing Well feat. RT Kendall

“RT, you must totally forgive them. For until you totally forgive them, you will be in chains. Release them and you will be released.” shared...
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